Attracting Women - Four Days to Deadly Success

Attracting Women - Four Days to Deadly Success

If you are new to attracting women, read this article and be ready to start meeting women right away. This is how I get women to notice me and they keep asking for my phone number. What follows are the four days that will make you Deadly Success with women.

First thing is first, before you go out, buy yourself suit pants and a good shirt. A pair of jeans and a shirt are sufficient. It may be bold and possibly daring but the suit will do. No pain, no gain.

The first lesson is practice. I have heard about this many times and it is true. Buy yourself a pair of pants a pair of shorts and a shirt – you are not so young anymore. You have reached adulthood and it is time to dress appropriately.

Now on to the next issue. If you still do not have a girl, you have to get one. Hold on – I know what you are thinking – there is no such thing as a girlfriend. You cannot get a girlfriend by standing somewhere and waiting for a beautiful girl to pass by and request you to have a coffee.

You have to go to places where beautiful women go and you have to get acquainted with them and notice them.

You can read this advice at a bookstore or at a gym. Put it into action and you can begin to DO it.

Day #2: hello killer

Or you can call her what you prefer, girl or wife, then just go on having a good talk or a social gathering. You need to find a nice woman. And please, do your best not to be creepy.

Day #3: hello again

This is very good for first-time guys – and you can start this from the very first time you meet her, the very first time you smile at her. I smile once and she smiles back once to make it clear that she is inviting me to have a conversation with her.

I then compliment her on her Smile. It’s as simple as that.

Day #4: hello2

I call her again to remind her that I laughed at her joke. It is very important for women to understand that men are different beings. Do not forget to let her understand that there is no such thing as a stupid guy or stupid woman.

Day #5: goodbye2

I am not really sure why we need to say goodbye. I simply mean that this is not the place for the shockingly funny one-liners. These can be disabled once you have developed your communication skill, and you will definitely thank me for it.

Day #6: hello3

I want to say goodbye. I simply need to leave without wasting any time. I will miss you terribly if you will not be around the next time. Tell her that she is always welcome at my house. I will love to Forgive everything that happened in your life, starting from your mom finding out about my GF.

Day #7: please4

Want to have a new girlfriend, or want to make your wife appreciate you more, invite her to your house for dinner. It is easy to invite her for a cup of tea, it takes 2-3 women to do. Ask her what she wants to drink and give her several choices.

The key is making it romantic.

Day #8: goodbye4

This is the final day. If you can not get her to the house, no problem. Tell her that you can not wait to meet her again.

Day #9: I love you5

It is a real big deal. She is already used to your sweet words, but telling them to her is a new thing. To say I love you to your girlfriend is saying the most amazing thing, telling her that she is correct about you being the sweetest guy on earth.

What are you waiting for? Tell her these words and make her really love you.

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