How to Flirt With Men

How to Flirt With Men

You have passed the initial stage and you are going for a date. Now on your first date, you need to impress the guy so he wants to see you more. Flirting is a very popular way of letting a guy know you’re interested. Intriguing ways to flirt with men will definitely keep his interest. Surprisingly, there are ways that do not involve showing yourself Information: Your clothes do not have to be revealing or vulgar.

It can be something as simple as a sweet smile playing on your lips and it is enough to make a man’s heart melt. When you are ready to be introduced, make a small gesture to welcome him. You can pose right next to him as you make eye contact. This will give him the hint that you are ready to be approached. However, make sure you do not appear so desperate or too clumsy. Do not do this unless you want to discourage him rather approach him and introduce yourself. Your wardrobe does not have to be extremely daring. Dress up a little, compliment yourself and be confident. Flirting does not entail being aggressive or suggestive.

Intriguing ways to flirt with men include the following: When you smile, make it a point to glance at him several times. You can let him take the initiative and smile. Be a confident orator but avoid being over the top. When you lure, do not give too much. Give him the bait and lure him in. When you sense that he is interested, pull back a little, but leave him hanging. Do not give the impression that you really are not interested or do not have too much interest. You can modify the body language later on when you know each other better. Be a confident orator and give the impression that you know more than you really do. Nonetheless, try not to appear too aggressive. Instead, make your interest obvious. In dealing with men, choose your words carefully. Although women love compliments, men may find it offensive especially the first time. Therefore, it is better, to be honest, and appreciated. Do not make unnecessary comments on his appearance or any persona. It does not necessarily mean you love the person. Compliment his effort in dressing up or if he has some new haircut. It is undeniable that women love being complimented but make sure that your words are well-chosen and directed to the person you are attracted to. When you compliment him, do not make it too personal. Do not say things like “I like your watch” in most cases it can be an insult to the other person. Instead, say like “that particular watch is great on me” or ” I like your shoes”. If you are interested in a guy and attracted to his appearance, compliment his appearance.

Be Mysterious

Intriguing ways to flirt with men include mystery. It may sound like a negative aspect of a relationship. It actually does not mean that you should act mysterious to get and keeps him hooked on you. Being mysterious is actually the secret to keeping a guy interested and attracted to you. People want to discover more about the things that are private to them. Guys are like that. When they are interested in a woman, they try to discover about her. This is how they learn about you. They read your character traits and emergence from the dark dark corner of your personality. They like it because it is very unlike anything they are ever experiencing before.

Dating is a game and, you can only win if you know the rules of the game.

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