First Date Tips For Men

First Date Tips For Men

Getting ready to take that first step in asking a girl out on a date can be very nerve-wracking. Here are a few tips that will make a first date night fun and smooth.

1. Get yourself well-spaced. If the girl is going to put herself in your path, she’s into you, period.

2. Focus on your body language, natural expressions, and gestures. It’s the first time you will actually have a chance to hers see what a great guy you are.

3. While on the date, make it a point not to procrastinate by asking her more personal questions prior to you know it. This will bore her out of her skull if you ask the wrong questions.

4. Ask her what kind of partner she is looking for in a man. Women want to know that you care about them as a person and not simply because you are tomato sauce andumrepushthe waitress.

5. Be a gentleman in all regards. Women like to feel special.

6. Don’t bring ugliness to the date, bring sophistication.

7. During your conversation, try to tease her, it may also be to keep her on her toes, but will also make her laugh.

8. At the end of the night, always ask her, DO YOU WANT TO SPIT WHAT THEY DIDN’T ENJOY DURING THE Date, knowing that you are not going to kiss her father.

Well, if you are a smart dater, you should already know this.

I would strongly advise against picking any of the ladies you just met, instead, take one of your close friends, who you can introduce to the ladies.

I caution you all at once to watch your manners.

Make sure you are always in your best disposition whenever you go out.

Now, don’t go out of your way to be rude or obnoxious.

Although there is this girl you really like, that is not the reason you should be rude to every lady.

Just because you want to be a gentleman with everyone can turn you into a nightmare.

Be cordial to them, even to the ladies who you are not interested in.

The only rule is that you should always be the gentleman.

The ” Gentleman” then becomes the “Friend”, then “Gentleman” when you go out.

It’s easy, you just have to remember to be the kind of a guy that ladies respect!

That’s my advice.

If you are a good guy, you can seduce any girl.


Women will be attracted to you, believe me.

Just don’t overdo it, I will give you the best seduction methods, but NO, they will not work if you don’t remove the “Mr.” tag.

It’s either “I am a MAN” or “I am NOT AS A MAN”.

Just be the best of yourself, then it will show.

I torture myself when I say that my name is John, I am very happy and confident that all my life I have evolved to be the best version of myself possible.

It’s not just about the PHYSICAL characteristics, it’s how to be your true self.

I could make a great point here, but then it is what it is (the grass is always greener on the other side).

Concerning the physical characteristics, if you develop it on your own it is definitely going to do you good.

But just make sure that it is presented correctly, and that you are comfortable in it.

The pickup artists do not just apply what women like them to their interactions; they realize that these methods have a place on their own, but that is an ultimate whole.

So, I guess this is it, I think this article summed it up nicely.

Wishing you the best in all your interactions with life and with everyone you know, and especially the ladies.

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