How to Impress Her With Your Career

How to Impress Her With Your Career

A nugget of advice that I’m about to impart to you might not sound like rocket science, but it works. There you are – you see a hotty standing by the bar, you’d love to go up and speak with her over a cup of tea or a few shots of whiskey but you stand around and wait for something -anything- to happen. What exactly has she got on her side other than her looks? You, however, think you’ve got something going on. So, what do you do? Do you:

1. Shrug it off and go home2. Approach and attempt to start a conversation3. Buy her a drink and slip a note into her shirt accidentally

All right, here’s the deal – the hotty has seen you but not really been impressed with you so far. So if you approach her and stand around looking for something to say, she’s not going to pick up on it – because you’ve failed her “test” where she was not impressed by you. It’s called “The Shy Test” and it’s designed to exacting measure how manly and confident you are.

The good news is that you don’t need to fail this test single-handedly. By having a few basic tools under your belt, you’ll be able to easily pass this test with flying colors.

I am, however, cautious about how you succeed in this test. You must make sure to read the suggestions closely for three easy tips that will get you inclined to succeed:

How To Impress Her With Your Career As A Hotty (3 Smooth Acc compliant Moves)

Tip #1: Be Confident and Arrogant. What a female wants out of her relationship? How can you convince a hotty to get into a deeper, more intimate relationship with you? Make sure to answer this question of how to impress a girl with your confidence… then pump up the confidence. It is the number one trait that a female wants her man to have. Confidence can be faked but when you fake it, the people around you can instantly tell that you’re faking it. Fake-ness can get you on the wrong side of things sometimes, so you’re better off being confident and seething down that confidence instead of turning to a faux-nerd.

Tip #2: Get the girl to talk about her hobbies. Are you a cheetah? You probably are. Why? Because you’ve worked hard to build up your “hunky confidence”. Are you an artist? Then, your pimp should be aware of the fact that your hotty is probably as well. Have something in mind, a concept, a painting, something that you can tell her – casually. Don’t go off hinting at something, you’ve got to create a kind of “hmmm, I wonder how he ever thought of that?”

Tip #3: Disarm Her. Now, if you’ve talked to the hotty about her work, she’s probably a pretty quick mind to few fabrics. So try to keep things to a minimum and leave off the office talk. Hotty’s are good at Flag receptions and office parties, you know. You can win her respect if you can Disarm her a bit. You can say something like, hey you must live a pretty interesting lifestyle, why don’t we go to ranging together sometime?”

Now that you’ve complimented her, you just need to back it up with substance. If you can impress her and make her laugh you’re golden, but what if you don’t? Tips here would save you from a lot of awkward silences, right? Save them for a courtesy call. We’re classy that’s how we operate!

Well, having a Chakon Ha climbs a guy’s ego bump stats to a degree. So there are no gimmicks.

Maintain your Jeet KuneDo action and try to prod and prod some more. You’ll soon get where you want!

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