How to Attract a Guy With a Girl Friend - Use These Strategies to Get Him

How to Attract a Guy With a Girl Friend - Use These Strategies to Get Him

Have you noticed a guy who seems to like you and that you want to be more than just friends with him? It is a pity not to have a guy at such a desperate stage in life to notice and feel something for a girl because of her looks, but it’s also not a good idea to be romantic with a guy who just might be interested in a casual, intimate relationship. Not to worry; if you want a guy to first get interested in you, you can always make him notice you. The problem is how to attract a guy who already has a girlfriend.

You can always try to get the guy first and make him notice you, too; or you can just do a series of effective yet simple steps to make you an unforgettable girl. These tips will help you to win the game. The very first thing you should do is make him notice you. Here are a few tips to attract a guy who has a girlfriend for a friend.

Make a Great Impression

For him to take you into consideration as a potential girlfriend, you should always dress appropriately and look impressive. Don’t overdo it. Don’t go overboard. Be quite simple, elegant yet mature. Men want girlfriends who are well-groomed and sophisticated. Don’t try to be someone you are not just to stand out among girls who look nothing like you; in fact, trying to be someone you are not will only funk you up in the eyes of men. BE YOURSELF.

Don’t be an Open Book

Of course, you want to be open to meeting his girlfriend someday, but don’t be too obvious. You don’t have to date him, but you should be friends with him. Be sure to remind him that you are still single and available. Even when he seems like the perfect match, still keep your distance and don’t allow your friendship to get romantic. After all, you are jealous tactics to get a boyfriend. If you don’t have any problems with his guy friends, then there should be no problem with him either to just do the same.

Be a Friend

Despite the fact that you are already a couple, maintain your distance and avoid being too open about your feelings. A guy will be better beaten down if he feels that he has sufficiently hard work to win you. Don’t be too visible. Men find women more appealing if they are not very visible. Let him ask you out and make sure to go with him on most of his activities. Don’t seem to be too eager even when he is overwhelming your choice of companies. Enjoy the moment when he finally stops his refusal and appreciates you for all that you can bring to his life. He will eventually be as interested in you as you are in him.

Remain Probably Friends

Despite what he thinks, you and he can be friends. Relationships form very fast but friendship does last and what matters is that he has you as a friend. Even when you’ve made it clear that you are interested in being more than just friends with him, it’s okay to keep the friendship that you’ve already made. Always make sure to tell him how much you care for him every chance you can. Consider it a personal challenge. You can win him over as much as you can, even to having a boyfriend and a girlfriend.

Don’t ever get tired of trying to get a guy who’s got a girl for his closest friend to give you a more permanent relationship. You must understand that love is threatened in many relationships whether it’s true love or just friendship. You have to keep things as they are if you want to have a more stable and happy relationship.

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