Is He Right For Me? How to Tell If You Are Right for Your Boyfriend

Is He Right For Me? How to Tell If You Are Right for Your Boyfriend

Is he right for me? This rather than the extrovert and superficial questions is really the normally expected questions of most women. In any relationship, you need to know whether the person you are dating is right for you or not. This is because although both of you may love each other, you still don’t know whether the two of you are right for each other.

But could you tell before you fall too deep in love with him what is in his heart? Or is it too late to know? How can you tell if he is the one for you just by learning how to read male psychology? It is indeed hard to know what men are actually looking for.

If you read the following tips, you will be able to decipher what men are actually looking for in a girlfriend.

1. You have to learn to be yourself. Don’t feel stressed or held back by assuming that he will like you if you pretend to be someone else. That is the danger of being too good. If you have a good relationship with enough trust, he will like you anyway.

2. Be faithful. A woman who can cheat on her boyfriend is not really someone that most men would like to have for a long-term relationship. If he is bound to her, he will have a hard time learning to love without having to watch her do it.

3. Despite the fact that most men usually want to be the man in a relationship, they can want to respect you if you also give them your respect. If you allow him to do sweeping looks at your clothes or even flirts with other men when you are with him, he would think it is okay. But if you do not turn a blind eye to his actions, he would conclude that you don’t really trust him enough.

4. This relationship advice for women would also suggest that you do not try to always change your man. If you do that, he would begin to feel that you are trying to mold him into your ideal man. Trying to win his approval at every turn would only turn him off and make him stay away from you.

5. Don’t bring up past mistakes very often. Telling Tale virginity stories would only remind him of the bad things that happened in your relationship. He might not particularly mind hearing an anecdote about the time you got drunk and in a bed with some other guy. But if you do that every time he starts thinking about previous problems, he would start doubting your sincerity.

6. If you have criticisms or mild complaints about your life, do not constantly harp on about them. He would start doubting your suitability for him if you refuse to heed his criticisms.

7. If you had abusive parents, it would be best that you try to bury the hatchet when you get home. Once you do so, the two of you will not discuss the issue at all and your relationship would merely survive on ‘hatred from without’. summon the courage and talk about it once in a while.

8. You have to respect his liberty even if you are really trying to get things done. No matter how mad he is at you for snubbing him, you need to respect his ego. Many men say ‘no’ to women who tend to make them feel bad about their opinions.

9. Avoid using the word ‘love’ unless you are ready to say it. The word means different things to men than women.

10. ‘Trust’ is not the only factor that determines a relationship’s maintenance. ‘Trust’ is only something that comes in second place after ‘love’. Respect for each other, willingness to be open, also play important in a relationship’s survival.

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