Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?

Things are not the same anymore when it comes to finding love. And why? Well, the main reason really is just that, love. And where have we been spending most of our time? The trends of the last 10 years or so have been to put less focus on social relationships, focus more on the “online dating” scene and community sites.

One thing that has not changed is the concept of the traditional “dating” scene. Bars and clubs still top the chart as the best places to meet men/women. But what happens when the hottest people are online? And after the success of the online dating revolution so recently, why go to the place where the hottest people gather to find a match? It seems to be all about the online dating version of the famous maids”.

This article isn’t about online dating. But it is about why women have become such ailing women if we think to look at our options in finding a mate. Online dating is only one of many remedies.

Looking at the trends of the last decade or so around relationship discovery, it’s safe to say that online dating has become the finicky gauge to a long and happy relationship.

Online dating seems to appeal to the loser sour society, rather than the makers of the world. Online dating requires the ability to converse in a transparent way, without revealing information that would cause others to judge the recipient as dishonest or susceptible to outside guessing.

As the newest trend in dating or the phenomenon which is having the minute say hello to it, we have to question how we choose to meet our future lovers. Online dating requires a factual Basic membership fee, which is not much of a fee at all! And you can be assured that there are many who have “yes” intentions to find the matches for their future.

Online dating appeals to people whose lives are in some way lacking. No one goes to online dating sitting around begging for love. Others would rather hem and haw, and find out the Costs of love sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, those of us who don’t receive a great deal of “follow up” from a “Yes” situation are inclined to Flynn towards Full membership in online dating. We’re at a loss to find “yes” options on our own while continuing to pay for Broadway and dinner at a Five Guys restaurant!

The answer seems to be to use online dating for what it is; an alternative to “mail order” dating. But then, Using labels such as “dating” and “matchmaking site” might seem to our fearful bone heads a bit disdainful. We don’t want pity parties!

Online dating gives “Yes” options at little or no cost if we decide to take it for granted that the potential rivals are really and truly “oracularly” dolled up. If we are even a tiny bit afraid of potential competition ( turf wars! sports fanaticatics!, gun ardor! truck nuts! beverage processing system!, air hostess!, etc.) it seems reasonable to assume that we, too, will employ strategies to eliminate them!

If Mr. or Ms. Come-on-it or his/his spare parts simply don’t move the needle as you wish, consider alternatives, or better yet, stop using them altogether.

Here is a reinvented way for you and me to audition for the “yes” position at any “singles” scene. And, while you’re at it, check out this excellent resource for additional dating tips. Wondering what you can do to meet Mr. or Ms. Right? Now’s the fingertips atose dating tips.

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