How Do You Make a Girl Want You? Follow These 8 Simple Tips

How Do You Make a Girl Want You? Follow These 8 Simple Tips

How do you make a girl want you? The two main problems that men face when they intend on approaching women is how they should approach and what they should say. More often than not, men often get tongue-tied when they attempt to approach women.

They lack the confidence that they usually need. On the other hand, women cannot bear a man who is not confident with what he says. Remember that women like challenging, passionate and confident men.

Seducing a woman is easy, especially when you follow these simple methods to naturally make a girl want you.


People can hardly avoid a compliment when you approach a woman. That’s your basis for starting a conversation. Women love to be flattered. When you compliment her, it lets her know that you’re interested in her.

If you fail, you can always try again until you succeed. For women, it’s all about the impression you make on them. So be sure to let your compliment be sincere and genuine. And when you do, don’t compliment her body parts more than her personality.

Be Yourself

Because women like outgoing men, you should be yourself and talk casually and smoothly. It might be a little intimidating for some people, but women love confident and self-assured men. All women look for men who are self-assured and confident.

Self-assured and self-reliant are two words that can say everything about your personality. Being self-sufficient is the key to success in business and love, and you must learn to be self-reliant to achieve your objectives in life.

You need to practice your wit.

What makes a woman laugh is the way you ask questions and respond to her answers appropriately. Remember that you should not be using a monologue; you have to listen to her answers before asking more questions.

Women love men who pay attention. If you listen attentively, she will be more comfortable with you. You need to practice your listening skills so that she will be pleased with you.

Be a good talker

It’s nice to talk about yourself, so you need to learn how to do that. It’s OK to talk about your favorite sports or TV shows. Furthermore, you must directly express your thoughts and opinions.

Then, you should know when to speak and when to listen. Sometimes, it’s OK to let her do the talking. If you let her talk, you know what exciting topic she likes to talk about to you.

Be funny

It’s never easy to be funny. However, if you’re serious about attracting women, you need to learn how to make a woman laugh. Women love men who have a sense of humor.

You laugh because it makes you feel good. If you are naturally a crack- heroin, you should inject humor into your chronic way of thinking. Sharing a laugh is a sign of intimacy.

be funny

Build your confidence

Confidence is one of the top qualities that girls find attractive. Confidence is not something that you’re just born with.  You need to build that confidence.

The more confident you become, the better you do with girls. When you talk to a female with confidence, there’s a good chance you’ll impress her.

Don’t show her that you want her.

It’s a big turn-off for most women. Flirting or oozing with compliments are acceptable. If you show her that you want her, you’re removing that thrill and anxiety for her.

When you go all the way after she says yes, it kills the excitement and crushes the relationship. So tease and flirt and play hard to get – it’s better than that.

Be a loyal friend

If you want a lasting relationship with her, you need to be a loyal friend. It would help if you accepted her friends and even enjoyed their company.

When she talks about you, be loving and passionate about her. Be a good listener because she’ll love you more if you do.


These simple tips will guide you on approaching and naturally making a girl want you. Nevertheless, if you genuinely want to know how to make a girl like you, it all comes down to being honest and sweet, and most importantly, simply being yourself. Good luck!

If you have any tips to share with others, feel free to share them in the comments.

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