7 Common Warning Signs of an Unhealthy or Toxic Relationship

7 Common Warning Signs of an Unhealthy or Toxic Relationship

An unhealthy or toxic relationship can drain your energy. Some people have a history of entering unhealthy relationships and staying in them for far too long. An excessive amount of jealousy, controlling behavior, and lack of support are signs of toxic relationships.

Trying to find someone that isn’t simply attracted to you but also treats you well is not easy. When you think you have found the “perfect one,” but the relationship, it’s dragging you into a toxic relationship.

If you’re constantly exhausted, unhappy, or feel you are in a toxic relationship, it could be a sign that things need to change.

First, you need to recognize whether you are in a toxic relationship or not. Let’s find out Common Warning Signs of an unhealthy or toxic relationship.

Physical or verbal abuse

If your partner abuses you in any way, respect yourself enough to leave the relationship. Any abuse is unacceptable.

It’s better to cut off the relationship before it gets serious, which can lead to physical violence, sexual violence, psychological aggression, and emotional abuse.

Always remember not to allow anyone to put their hands on you.

Cheated on you

Being cheated by your partner is one of the worst feelings in the world. If someone cheats on you, he or she not only has little respect for himself or herself but also for you.

You should never waste a single second of your time on someone that cheats on you and doesn’t value you. You deserve a better person in your life.

Controlling behavior

Controlling behavior, such as constantly questioning where you are or becoming angry when you don’t respond to texts right away, can add to toxicity in a relationship.

Controlling you by insisting you do things their way, even minor issues that are a matter of personal choice. If your partner frequently makes you feel scared, insecure, or guilty, you may be in a controlling relationship.

Look for the signs that might suggest your partner has a controlling behavior, and there’s no point in sticking around with someone who wants to control your every move.


We’ve all experienced it. It’s normal and natural in a relationship to feel jealousy. However, an excessive amount can indicate a toxic relationship.

An excessive amount of jealousy happens when we indulge that feeling and act recklessly due to our suspicion and insecurity. If left untreated, this lousy emotion can end almost any relationship.

Jealousy can lead to feelings of anger, displeasure, or sadness. This feeling is not good for your relationship. You or your partner need to look at some ways to cope with unhealthy jealousy if you want your relationship to last longer.

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There’s a relationship scorecard.

Are past mistakes mentioned regularly? A relationship scorecard is when you and your partner continue to blame each other for past relationship faults or a recurring pattern of bringing up past problems rather than solving the current issue. If you felt this situation, you might be in a toxic relationship.

Sometimes, when you face arguments, you or your partner bring a past issue even though the current issue is not related to the past problem.

It can cause the relationship to devolve into a competition to see who has made the most mistakes over the months or years.

Lack of support

Any two people who support, encourage, and help one other practically and emotionally can have a positive relationship. A healthy relationship is to inspire and give full supports to see the other succeed in all areas of life.

But a toxic relationship is often one-sided. Your partner disappears or is not around you when you need help and support.

When a partner is supportive, they will do things like listening to your struggles, cheer you on when you’re down, encouraging you to achieve your goals, and be the best version of yourself every day. It’s essential to with someone that always supports you.

Frequent lying

When a partner lies to you, it shows that they don’t value you as a mutual partner who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. No matter how small the lies are, they can harm a relationship if repeated day after day.

Unquestionably, sometimes people lie to their partner to avoid conflict and protect their partner’s feelings. Still, it’s not good for your relationship if you or your partner have a habit of lying.

Lies can break trust, and without trust, you will never have a healthy relationship.



Sometimes, being alone is better rather than being in a bad relationship. Finding a healthy relationship can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. If you’re in a toxic relationship, do something about it or get professional help.

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