10 Tips - How to Make Your Man Feel Like You are The Perfect Girl?

10 Tips - How to Make Your Man Feel Like You are The Perfect Girl?

If you have been dating your man for a while, you should know that he has now started to think a lot about you and your relationship. He is looking at you in a different light and is looking at your relationship with urgency.

So, if you want to keep your man happy, learn how to be a pleasant companion and treat him properly, and if you want to make your man feel like you are the perfect girl for him, follow the following tips.

Be a Good Companion to Him

It is essential that you make him happy with your company. He should be addicted to your company when you are not there! It goes without saying that if he is convinced that you make him feel “something” living life-giving and happy, he will not want to lose that particular feeling ever.

Focus on Your Growth

Your man sees that you have turned into a mature and intelligent woman with a steady and accomplished career. Your man needs to admire and respect your achievements. Whatever they may be if he sees that you are making headway in your job and other aspects of your life, he will always feel like you are the perfect girl for him.

Give Him Space

Please note, you need to give him space to be with himself, his friends, work, or whatever he needs. You do not need to spend your nights at his place or yours. Give your man his space and freedom, and he will surely cherish his with you. Once he feels that he is in a relationship with a stickler for his space and you are not looking at his shoulder, he will know that he has found the perfect girl for him.

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Make Him Wait

Sometimes putting your man to the test to see if he is man enough to keep his substantial piece of the relationship can actually serve one purpose. You could prove to him that he is worth waiting for. Be there for him and be loving and tender towards him but don’t be too apparent in catching him cheating by snooping around.

Encouraging and Supportive

Always encouraging and supportive of anything he wanted to do. Give him all the support he needs and encourage him to continue doing what he is doing rather than be on the sidelines. Keep being that person who’ll support him to achieve his dream. Be his biggest fan and support his passion.

Learn to be Patient and Understanding

Sometimes, all it takes is a little more understanding and patience. Not being successful in holding your temper with him will prove that you lack the patience to survive in a relationship. If a little patience is granted, things will fall into place.

Appreciate His Little Efforts

No matter how small, silly or irrelevant, you must appreciate his effort. Even you just saying “thank you” might mean a lot to him. It shows that you value his effort. It will make him feel better about himself, as well as improve your relationship.

Frequent Praise Him

Praise is one of the essential things in any relationship. Your guy may look cool, confident, and never seek praise, but whether we like to admit it or not, men also love being praised by someone his love. Try to praise your man frequently; he will feel special and wanted.

Learn to be Yourself

Don’t feel stressed or held back by assuming that he will like you if you pretend to be someone else. That is the danger of being too good. He will want you anyway if you have a good relationship with enough trust.

Not try to change your man

Suggest that you do not always try to change your man. If you do that, he will begin to feel that you are trying to mold him into your ideal man. Trying to win his approval at every turn would only turn him off and make him stay away from you.



Follow these simple tips to make your man feel like you are the perfect girl. If you have any tips to share with the readers, feel free to comment below.

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